Oh shiiiiiit...

Man, I have done nothing productive in days and days. I am a draining force. Guess I’d better do some productive stuff today.

Also, this is an inappropriate time to be drunk but here we all are.

So a number of writing blogs have lately started following me (and others as well - what do you all see in me?) and I just want to reiterate that all my writing stuff goes on acornsandacrobats

You cute motherfuckers x

im gay u wanna buttfuck u nasty shit whore

So, this once happened to me.



So, I just watched Dead Leaves.

Was that… did I watch that on purpose?




Most accurate visual representation of psychedelics I’ve ever fucking seen.

Oh my god, this is my friend Chelsea :D

So, guess what handsome bunch of cunts got selected as the official front pagers of the Bang Face Boat Rave?

So, you might not have guessed but tomorrow I got some bad news after heavy drinking.

How the fuck can this happen? Fuck this. Fuck everything ever, I hope all your quotes win you a fucking award.